‘ideaS’ provides flexible and innovative solutions for the needs of selection, recruiting, and job contracting, tailor-made to the requirements of the clients. Facilitating an active platform in the search for opportunities to candidates, professional and qualified experts; who have consolidated experience in management and executive positions.

«Be a reference in capacity of response, quality and service, with innovative and flexible solutions, tailor-made to the client, the candidates and the employees, in the entire area of people management».

The difference consists in the independence of ‘ideaS’ together with its global offer to be able to give an immediate and efficient response to the needs of selecting talent, the flexibility in the hiring of specialists, and the assignment  of professional experts conforming to the  particular requirements of each one of the clients.

>We promote the exchange of ideas between people, by means of a teamwork  atmosphere where knowledge is transferred with total liberty, placing whatever initiative which brings in innovation for ‘ideaS’, or its clients, first.

>The differential and participative human dealings, where the professional relationships are not subject to the norms ofhierarchy, and all constructive criticism is paid attention to, and receives gratification, if by it, a clear improvement is obtained in the quality of the services, or in the rationalization of the resources.



>The implication in the demand of the client, as well as a service and commitment mentality, where we dedicate all necessary efforts so that requirements are satisfied, on time, and on quality.

>Total transparency and flexibility in the relationship with its clients, employees and candidates, along with a participative style of management, assignment, and delegation of responsibilities.