Ideas People (‘ideas’) is a professional services company which is highly specialized in the management of talent and the search and selection of management personnel and middle management positions.

We look for:

·Managers and Senior Consultants with commercial experience in government, public and insurance sectors.

· Managers and Senior Consultants with experience in merger and acquisitions.

·Functional Analysts with experience in insurance sector.

·Responsible of salaries.

·Commecial Manager with experience in technology market.




We identify the needs of the clients in the area of people management, offering them tailor-made solutions for obtaining talent, acting as an external business.

We do:

how many times have you thought about it?

I have a problem and I need a definite solution right away, or I do not have enough time, and, however, I should personally take care of all the details.

With ‘ideas’ you will have the optimum solution you expected, because we take your needs and the best practices seriously.

We are an independent team which will provide value to you with flexible, pragmatic solutions; we work responsibly and efficiently. ‘ideas’ is your ally. We rely on the knowledge and the experience necessary to come up with the best result. We listen to our clients and we are very demanding in our work.

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