001 dynamic configuration of talent.
The present market demands and the need for innovation, make it obligatory to manage according to new paradigms. From the viewpoint of  the needs of innovation, it is much more probable to obtain success or achieve a strategic change in a company if the detection and exploitation of opportunities from within the organization itself is systemized, aligning them with the new needs of the market – in what has come to be denominated corporate entrepreneurship or ‘intrapreneurship’-

To adjust  resources to opportunities,  the abilities of people and their attitudes towards learning have to be put into focus, as well as the competence of the  teams in the capacity of configuring these based on specific tasks, projects, therefore mobilizing the best talent which can be found. We are getting away from organized schemes which have totally clear and defined positions -organization ‘hierarchy’- to go towards a ‘velcro’ organization in which people are temporarily grouped to carry out a task in a role related to the same, which, on the other hand, could be totally different the next week.

Access to available talent is necessary any place, whether it is within the company, or selectively from outside the same.  This dynamic configuration of talent, according to how new projects arise, requires the management to act in real time.

It is in this action where ‘ideaS’ can provide important support in reference to the search and selection of the adequate profiles, and their incorporation into the activities of the company in the modality which is most in accordance with the needs of the same and having maximum flexibility.


002 intelligent solutions for outsourcing of sales teams.
Many organizations have more or less efficient sales teams, but our flexible solutions permit them to respond to the especially dynamic present-day needs of the market.

In ‘ideaS’, we develop sales plans, look for and select commercial professionals, attending to their specific training, and manage them in such a way that they achieve the objectives of our client.

We work with companies from different sectors: technology, banking and financial services, telecommunications, health, utilities…, for which, and in an exclusive manner, we select, incorporate, train, and manage sales teams for each client. Each commercial professional represents solely one client.

On the other hand, we protect the brand of our clients based on very rigorous selection and specific training.

003 implant selection & recruitment services.
‘ideaS’ offers flexible in-house solutions to cover the requirements of the clients, when the needs of selection and recruiting are significant by volume.

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