We identify the needs of the clients in the area of management of people, offering them tailor-made solutions for obtaining talent, acting as an external ally of the business.
We also provide services of interim-management & interim professionals in complex projects in the different areas of activity.

executive search & non-executive selection.

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· price.


· interim-professionals.

managed agency services.
executive development.

· assessment
· coaching.
· mentoring.
· training.


executive search & non-executive selection.
The professional experience of the founding partners of ‘ideaS’, and their specialisation in the different functional areas of company, permit obtaining results rapidly, and therefore, successfully close the missions of search and selection of executives and middle management.


Knowledge of the client, objectives, and environment. Along with the client we define the position and required and desired qualities of the candidate.

We elaborate the profile, by consensus with the client, with the competencies which will be evaluated.

We elaborate a search strategy with the client, to identify the qualified candidates and locate them by means of our own database, and by ad hoc in research the target companies.

We interview in detail the identified and interesting candidates for the process.

We propose the best candidates after avaluating professional and personal competencies, like empathy and style. The maturity, experience and capacity of evaluation of the ´ideas´ partners are, at this stage, the pillars to guarantee the success of the process.

We present the client with the report of the candidate, detailing the profile and the opinion of the partner who has managed the process.

We organize with the client the meetings with each preselected candidates, and we collaborate in the final selection process.

We advise the client in the closing of the negotiation, mediating with the final candidate to successfully finalize the contract.

The control of the references completes the evaluation of the candidate.

We carry out a periodic follow-up of the service quality, assisting in the adaptation of the candidate to the position and to the client enviroment.

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