We identify the needs of the clients in the area of management of people, offering them tailor-made solutions for obtaining talent, acting as an external ally of the business.
We also provide services of interim-management & interim professionals in complex projects in the different areas of activity.

executive search & non-executive selection.

· method.
· price.


· interim-professionals.

managed agency services.
executive development.

· assessment
· coaching.
· mentoring.
· training.


After an interim supplying of services contract, the client opts for the direct contracting of the professional. This deals with a combination of the executive search & non-executive selection and of interim-management & interim-professionals.

This model permits an organization to convert temporarily assigned employees into contracted employees, if it considers this to be convenient, after a determined period or in agreement with the previously agreed upon conditions. The client company has the opportunity to evaluate the work output of the candidate, as well as his adequacy for the position and how he fits into the company before taking on the commitment of contracting the person as its employee in the organization.  On the other hand, the employee has the opportunity to live out the experience of the position and the work relationships before assuming the full-time commitment with the client company.

In this case, the selection process, evaluation, interviews, filtering and management in general is similar to that of a contract of assignment, but in the stage of filtering, the potential and motivation of the client is also analyzed with regard to a permanent position in the client company.