The professionals associated with ‘ideaS’ provide prolonged success practices.  Some noteworthy important experiences being:

The biggest professional services firm in the world.
Non-executive selection:  positions of senior managers for credit risk consultancy, market risk and scoring.

World-leading manufacturer of mobile telephones, and one of the main companies in the telecommunications sector.
Executive search: Commercial Director for large accounts.
Non-executive selection: supply chain managers.

Assessment Company for Hedge Funds investments:
Non-executive selection, and interim-professionals in middle office.

Spanish Energy company with activities in generating, distribution, and  commercializing.
Outsourcing of treasury services centre and a part of the accounting services.

Supplier leader in mobile networks infrastructures, and second supplier of infrastructure of fixed networks in Spain.Outsourcing: civil engineering.

Spanish consulting company, and information technologies, present in 47 countries.
Outsourcing in the treasury service centre and interim-professionals and technological consulting.

One of the world-leading telecommunications operators.
Executive search: Systems Director.
Outsourcing: Company web pages.
Global contract in search of professionals.

For the leading thirty consulting companies in management, technology services  and outsourcing.
Non-executive selection, contract-to-hire, and interim-professionals in the area of information technologies.

Specialised company in the manufacture and commercialization of automotive  systems and components.
Executive contract-to-hire: Purchasing management.

Spanish affiliate of the leading world supplier of solutions for the creation, management, delivery and video access.
Executive contract-to-hire: financial management.

Spanish automobile company.
Interim-professionals: accounting department.

Leading company on the global market in air, road, and international express transport.
Interim-professionals for human resources and platform management.

Leading company in Spain in communications and wide-band entertainment.
Interim-management in financial management for the process of integration of one of its affiliates.
Interim-management in financial management for the process of restructuring of one of its affiliates.
Interim-professionals in “capex” and “opex” for financial management.
Interim-management of two (2) financial directors for the project of transition and cost-savings.
Interim-management in financial management of one of its affiliates.

One of the world leaders in information technologies manufacture.
Interim-professionals: credit management and accounting.

Leading Spanish technologies company in development and exploitation of GSM locating services.
Executive search: Financial Director.

Second operator in the leisure sector in Europe.
Non-executive search: International Corporate Treasurer.

Supplier leader of collaborative e-business solutions software for companies.
Non-executive selection and interim-professionals: commercial and marketing consultancy.

Leading company in the distribution of peripherals and memories.
Interim-professionals: commercial and marketing consultancy.

Other activity sectors:  construction, retail, finance, wineries, railroads, food, public administration, professional associations, industry.